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Producer Profiles – Valley of the lower Loir, the Sarthe and the Mayenne

Domaine du Plessis Greffier

Domaine du Plessis Greffier

The village of Huillé was once recognized sufficiently enough to have its own designated crus. The hamlet is found on the north bank of the Loir, just five kilometres west of the pretty town of Durtal.  Domaine du Plessis Greffier is the only remaining producer here and is actually sited across the departmental border in Maine-et-Loire, and takes the appellation of Anjou rather than the more fitting Coteaux du Loir. In the 1950s, the domaine extended to 180 hectares of vines, but today only twelve remain. The vines are rented by the owners of the adjoining manor house to Michel Cadeau and he has been making wines here for the past twenty years. This is Cabernet Franc and Chenin country, and interestingly referred to by the owner as the ‘northern most vineyard in Anjou’ as opposed to the ‘western most vineyards of the Loir’.  

Michel Cadeau
Domaine du Plessis Greffier
T: + 33 2 41 76 93 68
F: + 33 2 41 25 12 79

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