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Producer profiles - Jasnières and Coteaux du Loir

Claude & Danielle Cartereau (1981)

Domaine de la Gaudinière sits on the plateau above the vines of Jasnières. Claude and Dominique Cartereau constructed their purpose built cellar here in 2001. Prior to this, they were working out of an old tufa cave with Claude’s father, Gaston, who despite being in his early 80s, still makes wine there (see separate entry). Claude joined his father in 1981, and apart from tending vines, they also farm cereals and raise cattle for market. 

Wine Overview :
In total, the Cartereau’s work 5.2 hectares of vines, of which 3.10 ha is rented. All the vineyards are within Lhomme, both in the appellation of Jasnières (3.4ha) and in the Coteaux du Loir. In the latter, they have half a hectare of Chenin for the white and 80 ares of Pineau d’Aunis along with some Gamay and Côt. The vines average around 35 years of age, with the oldest being a parcel of 50 years old Chenin in le Clos Saint Jacques. All the grapes are harvested by machine.

In the cellar, they moved away from chestnut barrels when they built the new facility, so everything is now raised in fibre glass tanks. Apart from making one cuvée of Jasnières, they also produce Coteaux du Loir in red, white and rosé. They make two red wines, an assemblage of Pineau d’Aunis with the Côt and Gamay, and a Pineau d’Aunis pure. About half their sales are en vrac or bag in box to private clients.

The Wines :
The Cartereau’s wines are simple, honest and a bit old fashioned, but they maintain a loyal customer base and although they keep back some old vintages of Jasnières, most of the production is sold off within a year. The wines are not expensive, it fact you can buy the older wines for the same price as the current releases. They are worth investigating if you’re passing.

2007 Jasnières
Polished. Pale green straw. Open nose with some green and herbal aromas. Soft, gentle and attractive. Soft on entry, but with a good thread of acidity running through the wine. Fresh, but a little disparate at present. There is a hint of residual sugar, with good structure and length. Easy and attractive now, but should age over the next ten years. (12/08)

2006 Jasnières
Polished. Slightly deeper appearance. Yellow/green and more evolved. Richer and more earthy on the nose. Quite mineral, but shows some grubby elements of Chenin too. Flavours of red apples, but with the acid structure of green apples. Mid weight with decent balance and structure. Approachable now. Chalky to finish. (12/08)

1996 Jasnières
Raised in chestnut casks. Polished. Mid depth and distinctly yellow-green. Mature and earthy on the nose. Rustic and old fashioned. Broad, open and chalky. The palate is still fresh and clean, but the style is also traditional and rustic, and although shows some good minerality, it falls a bit flat on the mid palate. Short finish and starting to show some mature terpine characters.

Claude & Danielle Cartereau
Domaine de la Gaudiniere
T: + 33 2 43 44 55 38
P: + 33 6 70 69 04 32
F: + 33 2 43 79 30 68

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