Roger Beguinot, Château Soucherie (1991)

Prior to December 2007 this property was under the ownership of Pierre-Yves Tijou who had bought the Chateau in 1952. However with his impending retirement it was put up for sale and the new owner is an industrialist from the north of France . Roger Begûinot had already installed Thibaud Boudignon, a young winemaker with experience at Chateau Olivier in Graves and De Bortoli in Australia, for the 2007 vintage, specifically to oversee the harvest and vinification of Le Clos des Perrières. This walled clos within the village of Savennières was bought by Tijou in 1991 on the retirement of Eustache Poilasne. In addition to this, he purchased a parcel of land in La Croix Picot and planted here in 2002, although no wine was ever commercialised from this site. This vineyard has been excluded from the recent sale, being retained by Mathieu Tijou, Pierre-Yves Tijou’s youngest son.

Wine Overview:  
Under the Tijous, all vintages of Le Clos des Perrières had been aged in oak. With regards the new regime, Boudignon harvested the 2007 in two tries with ten days between the two picking dates. The aim was to catch the berries at full maturity, but before the onset of any botrytis. The wine was fermented in second hand barriques from Château Olivier using indigenous yeasts. Malolactic fermentation will be blocked and the objective is to bottle the wine in September, just in advance of the 2008 vintage.

The Wines:  
The more recent and final three vintages under the ownership of the Tijous are pretty uninspiring.  

2009 Clos des Perrières  
Creamy nose and palate dominated by oak. Decent weight and concentration and fresh, crisp acidity. There is no obvious malo-lactic fermentation here which helps equalise the oak. Crunchy. Needs time as still currently unknit. Accessible and modern, but a bit too modern and lacking a sense of place. (02/11)

2008 Clos des Perrières  
Three separate tries and then aged 9 months in fût with a further 4 months in tank. Very clean and youthful, primary Chenin. A little facile on the nose at this stage. The palate is also primary, but more serious with a good thread of minerality and citrus acidity running through the wine. Very good potential but needs time to settle down. (02/10)

2006 Clos des Perrières  
Tasted just prior to bottling. This was raised for 12 months in older wood. Smokey nose; the wood dominates at this point. Well structured with good balance and fresh citrus acidity. Juicy with good length. The wood needs to settle and integrate. A forward and fresh style. (02/08)

2005 Clos des Perrières  
Light and delicate with a floral and lactic, rice pudding like nose. Mid weight on entry. This is showing some advanced flavours with unknit acidity to the finish. Marzipan and white flowers. Drink now as unlikely to improve. Undistinguished. (02/08)

2004 ‘Cuvée Alix’  
Sold under this cuvée name to celebrate the birth of Vincent Tijou’s daughter. Bright. Mid-depth yellow. Clean nose, but with some terpine notes. A leaner style with less obvious wood, but also lacking some flesh or fruit. The acidity carries the finish. Authentic but simple. It could develop further but is pretty average. (02/08)

2001 Clos des Perrières  
Polished. Mid-depth yellow. Mature, terpine nose and shows some of the advanced aged characters of this vintage. A wine based on structure rather than fruit. More herbal with a chalky, mineral finish. This is drinking now, but should age further. (02/08)  

1991 Clos des Perrières  
Bright. Mid-depth yellow-straw. Tired nose. A little savoury, smoky and earthy with some cheese-like notes (not unlike cheap Madeira). Light and shallow. Lean on entry, austere and lacking fruit or flesh. Only the acidity really remains. Will age but evolve further. Quite simple with the fruit now stripped. Drink up. (04/09)

1991 Clos des Perrières  
The first vintage produced under Tijou ownership. Bright. Yellow appearance. Rich, rounded and still youthful on the nose. Creamy on entry (this went through malolactic) and builds well on the palate. Good balance and richness with noticeable minerality. This is still in good condition and has aged well. No rush to drink up. Very good. (02/08)

Chateau la Soucherie  
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