Producer Profiles

One can separate the producers of Savennières into three distinct groups. The established, haut bourgeois and old noble families, whose origins in the region often date back several generations, begin this section. These are followed by a small number of growers which Marc Taillandier would describe as paysan. These families, like the Taillandier’s, hold an equally long association within the region. Included here are some of the now defunct producers as it is difficult to deny that these growers have helped influence the Savennières of today. Finally, there are the outsiders, invariably from across the river, who bring a new dimension to the region. The order within each section is chronological; dating from when each first arrived or at least started making wine in the appellation.

The Bourgeois and Noble Families of Savennières

Les Vignerons Paysans

The Outsiders

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