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Maison Vernois                                     

Lionel Vernois
Lionel Vernois is in his mid 50s and comes from a long line of vignerons. His sister is Odile Nebout, wife of Serge and their is talk of their son, Charles, taking over the Vernois cellar in 2012. For the time being at least Lionel continues to work the familys 12 hectares of vines; a small proportion of which are planted to Aligoté. He makes a little white, red and rosé under the appellation, as well as a little sparkling wine.

He, or rather his elderly mother, elected for him not to see me on my research trip, as my attempt for an appointment was denied. So the wines of Lionel Vernois remain untasted, but my understanding is that he is not currently bottling his wines anyway, but selling everything off en-vrac to private clients. 

Lionel Vernois
15 Route du Montet
T : + 33 4 70 45 94 06
F : + 33 4 70 45 29 33


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