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Vineyards at Contigny                                        

Yannick Touzain
Yannick Touzain is in his mid-thirties and is the son of a coopérateur; his father and brother, Rémi, deliver their grapes to the Saint-Pourçain co-op. After gaining a BTS in viti-oenology, he worked for 6 years as a maître de chai in the Graves before relocating back to the Allier in 2002. His easy to find cellar is on the main Moulin to St-Pourçain road.

As well as his 9.36 hectares of vines which are planted across four communes, including Contigny, he also farms 10ha of cereals. The vineyards range from three to 103 years old and are planted to 2.6ha Pinot Noir and 5ha of Gamay for the reds and rosé, plus one hectare of Chardonnay, 0.5ha of Tressallier and 15 ares of Sauvignon Blanc for the white.

The white is based on Tressallier with Chardonnay and Sauvignon. The 2009, already bottled by February following the vintage was open and attractive and not without character. Touzains labels, at first glance, look identical, but they are each distinguished by the shape and colour of the illustration of the leaves. Although it may mean nothing to the lay observer he has ingeniusly indicated the blend without fully declaring it in the text. The duel leafed red is meant to indicate the predominance of Gamay, whilst the single leafed wine is two-thirds Pinot Noir, first bottled with the 2002 vintage. There is a Rosé in the range too.

Sadly, I didn’t get to meet Touzain on my research trip, but I did manage to secure three examples of his wines from a shop in Saint-Pourçain. They are certainly well made and express a degree of character. The Pinot Noir is the better of the two reds (on the basis of my limited tasting), but all are worthy of mention. 

Yannick Touzain
La Racherie
9 Route de Moulins
T/F + 33 4 70 45 95 05


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