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Jean Meunier
Domaine Haut de Briailles
T : + 33 4 70 45 38 88
F : + 33 4 70 45 60 07
Jean Meunier is the seventh generation to work the stony soils on the hill of Briailles which overlook the town of Saint-Pourçain. The five hectares of vineyards are all cited around the remains of a Roman chapel. Although Meunier only re-established the domaine in the early 2000s, he is winding down his operation and has offered his vines to other vignerons, notably Christophe Courtinat in Saulcet.   

His wines (which remain untasted my myself) were all cited in Guide Hachette in 2003, 2005 and 2007 and include Rouge Tradition from 100% Gamay (and technically illegal), L’Hermitage rouge and Cuvée de la Mousmée, a Gamay raised in oak. There are two whites; Blanc Tradition a blend of 40% Chardonnay, 40% Tressallier and 20% Sauvignon, and Réserve de la Chapelle which comes from a one hectare parcel.  

Domaine de Chinière
The Chérillat family have been vignerons in Saint-Pourçain since the 1850s. They work around 12 hectares of vines as well as being agriculteurs. The vineyards were replanted and restructured during the early 1980s which saw them introduce Pinot Noir and increase their holdings of Chardonnay.

Wines from this domaine still exist by way of an agreement between the Cave des Vignerons and owner, Philippe Chérillat, that dates back to 1983. Prior to this they were commercialised as an independent producer.

Roger Chérillat, now in his late 80s, is the uncle of Philippe, but more importantly, the grandfather of the Saint-Pourçain appellation. He was president of the growers syndicat between 1976 and 1989 and was instrumental in lobbying the I.N.A.O. for the elevation of the wines to full A.C. status in the mid 1980s. By all accounts his was a tough but friendly man and witnessed many changes in his 50 years in the vines. His cousin, Jean, is the father of Claude et Vincent Chérillat at Domaine des Matelots in Saulcet.

Luc et Claudine Tisserand
Bois Brûlée
T/F: + 33 4 70 42 09 43
P: + 33 17 86 64 93

Luc and Claudine are currently coopérateurs but are looking withdraw with a view to become the first organic producer in the appellation. Organic conversion started in 2006. Investors are being sought.

Jean Teissedre
Is the son of a coopérateur and is currently studying in Macon. His intentions are to withdraw the family vines from within the co-op system and to start vinifying his own wines. 

Other old vigneron names
These are cited on an advertising poster dating back to 1952 entitled ‘Les Déteneurs du Label! Saint-Pourçain’.

Marcel Edier, La Mivoie, Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule
The visionary for the establishment of the Cave Co-operative in the same year as the poster was published. His vines were on the slopes of Brieux just north of the town. He died in 1976 whilst pouring wine at the Union des Vignerons stand at the Concours Agricole in Paris.

Fernand Rollin, Meillard
Clos de Champichaud

Louis Jutier, Monétay
Clos des Jaunins

Comte de Balorre, Contigny

Passignat Père et Fils, La Racherie, Contigny
Notes two different lieu-dits : Clos de la Confrèrie, Contigny and Clos de Bouligne, Louchy-Montfand

Cluzet Père et Fils, La Racherie, Contigny
Clos de la Cailloute, Clos de Boutelière

Albert Vernois, Contigny
Clos de la Verne et des Côtes Contigny, Clos de Martinge – Verneuil-en-Bourbonnais

Pagnon, Antoine et Fils, Le Gué de Sioule, Contigny
Clos de la Cailloute

Martin Père et Fils, La Racherie, Contigny
Clos de la Verne, Clos du Poussant, Clos de la Biarde, Côtes de Branssat

Gaudiat Père et Fils, Châtel-de-Neuvre
Clos de la Plante de L’Ane

Henri Purceigle, Breuilly-Cesset
Notes ‘Enclos de Breuilly’

Bonvin, Les Flour, Saint-Pourçain
His grandson’s are now making wine in Louchy-Monfand.

Daniel Aidier, Chareil-Cintrat


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