Guy Rochais, Château de Plaisance (1988)

It took a full fifteen years for any other grower to follow Jean Baumard’s lead and cross the river to invest in Savennières. Henri and Guy Rochais first bought land here in 1983, although their first release was five years later. The Rochais family have been established in Chaume for over 300 years and have a significant 1.5 hectare holding in the Quarts de Chaume. Their vineyards in Chaume and the Quarts de Chaume were certified organic from the 2008 vintage.

Wine Overview:  
Guy Rochais makes two cuvées of Savennières from his two different parcels. ‘Le Clos’ comes from Le Clos de Maurièrs and is fermented and aged for between 12 and 18 months in second hand barrels acquired from Château Haut Brion, whilst his generic Savennières comes from the younger vines in Le Gabillard and is raised in tank.

The Wines:  
Based on these two 2005s tasted below, Rochais, a small, rotund man, strongly vocal and opinionated, is well worth following. His 2007 ‘Le Clos’ in barrel was very impressive. However, disgusted with the quality of his generic cuvée this vintage, he’d already disposed of it to the négoce by the end of the year.  

2009 'Le Clos'
Slightly high-toned and cresmy on the nose. Broad and rich, but also quite simple and ordinary. Not very expressive at this stage in its development. Unknit and closed up. (02/11)

2008 'Le Clos'
A little flat and showing some premature oxidation on the nose. More typical on the palate, although the wood shows through and is a little too dominant and unknit. Flat and lacks acidity and freshness, with some crunchy acidity to the finish. Undistinguished. (02/10)

2005 Savennières  
A dry, firmer and austere style with a greener expression to both nose and palate. Instantly approachable, but with a sense that this can age further. Authentic and honest. (02/08)

2005 ‘Le Clos’  
Mid depth. The wood shows a little on the nose at present, but with good mineral definition behind. Firm and austere with good citrus zip to the finish. The oak is evident but doesn’t dominate. Positive bitter Chenin twist to the finish. This shows potential to develop with time. (02/08)

Guy Rochais  
Chateau de Plaisance
T:+33 2 41 78 33 01  
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