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Domaine de l’Arthuis
René Ouvrat
La Ferté
T: + 33 2 54 49 27 95
F: + 33 2 54 49 27 95
This cereal farmer works 3-4 hectares of vines.

Jean-Pierre Ponroy
This cereal farmer has two hectares of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir spread over three parcels in Reuilly. The vines, planted in the mid 2000s, are managed by Denis Jamain . Until 2010 the wines were made by Claude Lafond under the Ponroy label, although from the 2011 vintage the wines will be produced independently within the Chai de Reuilly.

Domaine Alain Martin
Le Bourg
T/F: + 33 2 48 51 71 36
Yet another wheat farmer who has invested in vineyard land within Reuilly.

Domaine Chassiot
La Ferté
T: + 33 2 54 49 20 70
F: + 33 2 54 49 29 36
Wheat farming is the main source of income for brothers Didier and Christian Chassiot who took over from their father Jacques after he passed away in 1991. They vinify Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris in their own cellar in the hamlet of La Ferté.

Gérard Cordier
La Ferté
T: + 33 2 54 49 25 47
F: + 33 2 54 49 29 34
Gérard Cordier’s father, Robert, was the second largest and most respected grower in Reuilly during the 1970s. He also held the position as president of the growers syndicate for more than twenty years. His most important customers included the famous La Mère Poulard in Mont-Saint-Michel and English wine importer, Robin Yapp. Yet despite his size and renown the family also needed to farm an additional 50 hectares of cereals in order to make ends meet. Robert’s own father used to sell the majority of his production to the bars and restaurants of Vierzon and Bourges , where customers would order a chopine (half a litre) of gris and drink it out of beakers.

The vineyards are partly on location, with Cordier renting a couple of hectares from the Comte de la Villeboinest, owner of the Château de la Ferté, owner of some 200 hectares of land within the hamlet. There are around 4.5 hectares of Sauvignon in total and a further 2ha of Pinot Gris, seen by many to have been the benchmark example for the appellation.

Sadly, this minor local dynasty is due to end with the retirement of Gérard in 2011.

Christian Dudouet
Le Bourdonnat
T: + 33 3 86 37 68 02
F: + 33 3 86 37 65 75
A small scale producer who works just 2-3 hectares of Sauvignon.  

Didier Martin
Route d’Issoudin
T: + 33 2 54 49 20 77
Recently retired.

Gilles Pauvrehomme
La Ferté
T: + 33 2 54 49 22 07
One of a number of vigneron-agriculteurs to operate from their own modest cellar on the main Issoudun to Reuilly road where through traffic offers an easy source of revenue. 

Domaine des Templiers
Franck Poirier
T: + 33 2 54 49 23 25
F: + 33 2 54 49 29 14
Franck Poirier and Bernard Poussot work 3.3 hectares of Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris and make their wines in a small and modest looking cellar in the centre of the town. In addition to the wines of the appellation they also produce a little bottle fermented sparkling wine that goes under the name of ‘Grand Impérial’. They also farm 1,200 hectares of arable land.

Olivier & Jeanine Cromwell
13 Le Carroir
T : + 33 2 48 51 30 90
Cromwell retired in the early part of the 2000s, despite directional signs in Preuilly still giving details for his modest house and cellar in the village.

André Barbier
Le Crot-au-Loup
T : + 33 2 48 51 75 81
F : + 33 2 48 51 72 47
André Barbier was one of the first producers to subscribe to the Chai de Reuilly, planting his first vines, situated close to Chéry in 1991. He remained a relatively small producer with around 0.5 hectares each of Sauvignon (which was sold as ‘Les Sables’ and an equal amount of Pinot Gris. He retired after the 2005 harvest, selling his wines and his share in the Chai de Reuilly to new arrival Étienne Vandewalle.

Chais du Val de Loire
Jean-Paul Godinat
34 route de Bourges
T: + 33 2 48 64 88 88
F: + 33 2 48 64 87 97
This Producteur/négociant has been installed in the Berry since 1996. Originally from Touraine, the company purchased 15 hectares of vineyards on the plateau des Coudereaux in Quincy. The grapes are crushed in the failed Agri-Cher cellar on the road between Quincy and Preuilly, although the vinification is conducted in Menetou-Salon (where Godinat also owns vineyards). They also crush one hectare’s worth of Reuilly Sauvignon Blanc at this facility too, producing about 6,500 bottles a year.

Below are the names of other vignerons whose names have occurred during the course of my research. They are named here for posterity.

Léon Nerrand
Marcel and Mme. Barge
Emil Cousin
R. Bourgon
Marcel Soulat
Pierre Tréchand
Ernest Lanote
MM. Galopin
Jules Paty
René Ouvrat
Jean-Pierre Thiolat


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