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Domaine Valéry Renaudat
Valéry Renaudat’s grandfather was a native of Berry, buying the cereal farm in Diou in 1942. After studying agronomy and viniculture, Renaudat travelled to California to work a harvest and has also worked in cellars in Bordeaux and with Vincent Girardin in Burgundy. He returned to Diou, at the age of 25, in 1999 and started his own two hectare domaine, buying vineyards in Reuilly as well as becoming the only vigneron based in this appellation to reverse the trend and purchase vines in Quincy; buying vines from the Dumange family after they sold up and vacated La Maison Blanche.

The wines are made in two different cellars; the Reuilly being vinified on the family farm where his father, Jacques, also makes wine, whilst the Quincy is produced in the Maison Blanche facility in Quincy. All the wines are commercialized from a small office and tasting room in the centre of Reuilly which Renaudat opened in 2006.

His domaine is a now 12 hectares in total, with three-quarters being dedicated to Reuilly where the vines are all within the lieu-dit of Les Lignes around La Ferté in the south of the appellation. Here there are 3.5 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc, 2ha of Pinot Gris, along with 3 hectares of hand harvested Pinot Noir. There are now 3.5 hectares of Quincy which are all in the lieu-dit of Les Nouzats and gives the wine its name.

Valéry is a handsome and likeable young man who has clearly made an impression in these two appellations. The wines have improved since I first tasted the 2001 and 2002 vintages (in 2003), however there is still room for improvement; the 2009s tasted (in June 2010) were all decent, early drinking wines but not particularly inspiring.

Domaine Valéry Renaudat
Valéry Renaudat
3 Place des Ecoles
T: + 33 2 54 49 38 12
P: + 33 6 78 52 85 40
F: + 33 2 54 49 38 26 


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