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Domaine Pierre Duret
Pierre Duret arrived in Quincy in early 1936. His run-down tasting room, which still carries his name, can be seen at one of the few intersections in the centre of the village. With no heirs, Duret sold out to Alexandre Mellot from Sancerre négociants Joseph Mellot in 1995 who set about replanting his 15 hectares of vineyards, scattered among the lieux-dits of Les Rimonés, La Pierre qui Danse, Les Genêts, Les Coteaux, Les Bruniers, Les Chagernons and Les Nouzats.

Production of the wines moved to Le Sentier du Vin in 2002 where Mellot continues to produce around 80,000 bottles a year of a single Quincy under the Pierre Duret name, although the vigneron himself died in 2004.

The 2009 vintage was competent and correct, although somewhat simple and one-dimensional.

Domaine Pierre Duret
Laurent Goussard
Le Buisson Long
Route de Quincy
T: + 33 2 48 51 30 17
F: + 33 2 48 51 35 47

Vignobles Joseph Mellot Père et Fils
Catherine Corbeau-Mellot
Route de Ménétréol
T: + 33 2 48 78 54 54
F: + 33 2 48 78 54 55


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