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Domaine de Chevilly
The name Lestourgie is not Berrichone, but originates from Corrèze in the high Auvergne. It was Yves’ grandfather who moved here to establish a 200 hectare arable farm, which is managed today by Antoine, Yves father. They diversified into wine in 1994, starting with just 1.5 hectares of vines, and became a founding member of the Cave Romane.

Since the early 1990s Antoine and Yves have planted almost every year and now work a total of ten hectares, one of which is a one hectare parcel rented from the heirs of a deceased vigneron. Given the nature of the plantings, the average vine age here is around fifteen years (although the rented parcel dates back to the mid 1970s) and they are spread across nine separate parcels. Yves explains here that this is less a function of mitigating climatic influence, but rather planting where land becomes available. 

There are two separate expressions of Quincy, both of which are vinified at Maison Blanche. Apart from a very good, honest cuvée Tradition, there is a prestige bottling (about 3,000 bottles) which comes from half a hectare of young vines planted on more clay-limestone based soils. This goes under the name of Cuvée Zoé which receives a maéeration pelliculaire (maceration on the skins) before being left on fine lees for around six months in tank before bottling.

Domaine de Chevilly
Yves et Geraldine Lestourgie
52 route de Chevilly
T/F: + 33 2 48 52 80 45
P: + 33 6 62 82 52 69


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