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Cave Romane de Brinay
The origins of the Cave Romane date back to 1992 when advisors from the European Unions Common Agricultural Policy, or Politique Agricole Commune, arrived in the Berry and recommended that cereal farmers explore their options in diversifying their crops. Following the lead of the Cave de Reuilly, the Cave Romane was conceived in 1993 by three céréaliers: Jean Tatin, Gérard Bigonneau and Domaine de Chevilly. The association vinified its first harvest (from seven different domaines) the following year. As a co-operation cellar its objective is to share resources, rather than grapes, which helps to distinguish it from a co-operative. The principle is so simple and sensible that it’s amazing that no other marginal wine region has emanated it.

The cellar is situated in farm buildings which date back to the 1870s and which once belonged to the Château de Brinay. Outside, it is possible to see the restored dovecote and pigsty with the old bergerie now being a wine storage room.

In 1998 the members of the Cave Romane also took over La Maison Blanche in Quincy. This facility is made up of two purpose built warehouses erected in the early 1990s by the Dumange family, owners of Domaine de l’Epinay in Vouvray. After developing 33 hectares of vineyards in the appellation (at a time when total plantings numbered around 180ha), the elderly grower retired and his son, Luc, lost interest and the vines and cellar were offered for sale. This created a number of new producers (also made up of mostly local cereal farmers) who saw an opportunity to diversify into wine.

Today, the two combined facilities in Brinay and Quincy process one hundred of the appellations 140 hectares of vines, vinifying around 2,500 hectolitres each vintage. In addition, two of the members, Jean-Charles Bourgat and Jacques Tatin, who have expanded into Reuilly also deliver their crop to the Cave de Romane.

The growers who are based at the Cave de Romane are:

     -   Domaine de Chevilly
-        Domaine du Coudray
-         Domaine Lecomte
-         Domaine Portier
-         Domaine Didier Rassat
-         Domaine Jean-Claude Roux
-         Domaine Vincent Siret
-         Domaine du Grand Rosières
-         Domaine du Tonkin
-         Domaine de la Commanderie
-         Domaine du Tremblay
-         Domaine des Ballandors
-         Domaine Sylvain Bailly

Cave Romane de Brinay
Fabienne Giraud
Le Bourg
T: + 33 2 48 51 09 45
F: + 33 2 48 51 08 89



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