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Domaine des BerryCuriens
This pseudo-domaine was an initiative put together by Jean-Michel Sorbe in 1994 when he rounded up 27 of his wine loving friends to buy 3.5 hectares of Sauvignon in Quincy. The vines are situated on the right bank of the Cher which Sorbe claims was the original site of plantings by the Cistercian monks in the 13th Century. Between 1994 and 2002 the wines were made in Sorbe’s own cellar in Preuilly, but with the sale of his own domaine the production transferred to the Sentier du Vin facility owned by the négociant, Joseph Mellot, where they are made today.

In 1998, the Brothers extended their interests into Reuilly, purchasing 0.30 hectares of Pinot Gris and a further 0.7 hectares of Pinot Noir was planted in 2005.

The monks remain the symbol of the BerryCuriens, with members of the consortium regularly seen dressing up in habits at informal gatherings. They also remain unique in the appellation by electing to continue to harvest all of their grapes by hand.

There are two different expressions of Quincy produced: the first being Le Loge des Vignes which is produced from younger vines in Villalin and Le Clos de Bel-Air. The second is from 2.6 hectares of older vines in Villalin and goes under the name of Villalin Vieilles Vignes. From the vines in Reuilly, they produce Les Chantillons, a rosé made from Pinot Gris, along with a Reuilly rouge. Historically, there was also a Vin de Pays produced under the name of Le Bacchusate.

Examples of all the wines tasted from the 2009 vintage found them to be wanting: simple and ordinary.

Domaine des BerryCuriens
Jean-Michel Sorbe
9 Route de Boisgisson
T: + 33 2 48 51 07 99
T: + 33 2 48 51 30 17
F: + 33 2 48 51 35 47

Vignobles Joseph Mellot Père et Fils
Catherine Corbeau-Mellot
Route de Ménétréol
T: + 33 2 48 78 54 54
F: + 33 2 48 78 54 55


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