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Domaine de la Pierre Noire
Christian Gachet’s great-great grandfather used to make wine in the cellar of this ancient Forézien farmhouse (the carving on the cross outside dates the building to 1884), selling his production to the bistrots and buvettes throughout the region. But winemaking stopped on the farm once the co-operative was formed in 1962. With the crop delivered elsewhere it allowed Christian’s father to concentrate on running the family’s dairy herd. On taking over from his father in the early 1990s, Christian decided to sell off the dairy herd and concentrate on viticulture instead. He began planting new vineyards in 1992 and pulled out of the co-operative a year later. Today, he works a total of three hectares of Gamay, the average age of which is seventy years old and planted on the migmatite soils around the commune of Saint-George-Haut-Ville. A further one hectare of Chardonnay is planted on the volcanic slopes of the Pic de Montsupt.

Along with the Vin de Pays d’Urfé Chardonnay (two versions; wooded and unwooded), they produce Côtes du Forez Rosé and three reds under the appellation. The Cuvée Tradition is made from the vines planted in 1992 and is designed for early drinking, Cuvée Spéciale, a fairly grippy and unknit red with firm acidity (in the 2007 vintage) and Cuvée a l’Ancienne, made up of some of the oldest vines and receiving a much more traditional vinification.

Wine Overview :
The Chardonnays and Rosé were both sold out and not available for tasting on my visit, whilst all three of the reds were sound, if firm, tannic and one dimensional. Other than demonstrating a degree of competence, there is little to distinguish the wines.  

Hélène et Christian Gachet
Domaine de la Pierre Noire
9 Chemin de l’Abreuvoir
T: + 33 4 77 76 08 54
P :+ 33 6 80 17 31 88


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