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Domaine des Trouillères
In 2005 Pradiers divided the family vineyards with younger brother, Marc, to retain the old address in the centre of the town, whilst Jean-Pierre relocated to a purpose built cellar next to the vines that overlook the northern slopes of the hill of Corent, naming the domaine after the lieu-dit in which he is now installed.

Fifteen years the President of the local syndicate and the grower at the forefront of negotiating with the INAO for full AC status, Jean-Pierre is much different to his younger sibling. Sturdier, and much more vocal for a start, although considered in everything he says. He becomes more animated when you ask about the boat that sits out in the yard. It’s clear that his real passion is for sailing, and he points to a copy of his label that carries the image of one in full sail.

He works five hectares of vineyards, which are currently in conversion. He hopes to be fully certified organic by the 2012 harvest. Half of the vines are on the two slopes of Corent, and like his brother, he uses this fruit to make rosé; a ‘good third’ of his total production. His other five wines are made up of a pair of whites, produced from 1.2 hectares of Chardonnay, with one raised in tank, whilst the other gets the full Burgundian treatment and is one half of the prestige Montagne de Strass range, its partner being a barrel aged red from equal proportions of Pinot Noir and Gamay. The basic range takes the name Annolium, which is what the Romans called Les Martres.

Apart from a few truffle oaks, viniculture accounts for all his business. His wines are sound, clean and modern, but again it is the simple wines that are the most impressive and full of charm.  

Jean-Pierre Pradier
Domaine des Trouillères
Rue de Tobize
Les Martres-de-Veyre
P: + 33 6 72 40 75 26
F: + 33 4 73 39 95 63


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