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Domaine Rougeyron
The have been many generations of Rougeyron’s working the vines in Châteaugay. The latest incumbents are Roland, who joined his father Michel (now in his late eighties) after finishing his military service in 1971, and his son David, in his late thirties, who takes charge of 17 hectares of Burgundian style high density planted vineyards. Unusually for the region, they have no Pinot Noir, relying solely on Gamay (both Auvergne and ‘Beaujolais’) for their red and rosé wines. Their sole concession to modernity is two hectares of Chardonnay planted for Châteaugay Blanc and sold as Bousset d’Or that was planted between 1988 and 1993. In addition to rosé, the Rougeyrons produce two red Chateaugay wines, the first of which is sold under the same name as the white and rosé, and a Vieilles Vignes, from 50-80 year old Gamay.

Their cellar is on a ridge to the north of the village, set behind the many old caves that have been dug out of the volcanic rock. Most of these are now abandoned, but the family still makes use of some of these for storage, although the wines themselves have been vinified in a purpose built shed next to their tasting room since 1988.

There is nothing complicated about Roland Rougeyron or his wines; what you see if what you get. He looks and sounds more like a university lecturer than a vigneron, but is capable of producing wines that are sound and full of character, and hasn’t lost sight of the capabilities for the Gamay grape within this region, and they should certainly be considered to be within the top flight of producers.   

Roland and David Rougeyron
27 Rue de la Crouzette
T: + 33 4 73 87 24 45
F: + 33 4 73 87 23 55
P: + 33 6 66 76 42 38  


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