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David Pélissier

Michel et David Pélissier
The Pélissiers have worked, father and son, for four generations, tending four hectares of vines behind the modest house and cellar on the main route through Boudes. David joined his father, Michel, in 1997. Twelve years on, Michel has just retired, although he maintains his own label and customer base, presumably for tax purposes.

From their four hectares, half is planted to Gamay where the oldest vines date back to 1903, plus 15 to 20 year old Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Everything is hand harvested. The cellar comprises and barn next to the dependence which houses the stainless steel and fibre glass tanks, and a subterranean cave below the tasting room, hewn out of the volcanic rock.

All the wines as sold under the Boudes appellation. The rosé is 100% Gamay and vinified using direct pressure with the malolactic blocked. It accounts for around 30% of their total production, with demand increasing. In addition to the white, there are three separate reds, the first from 100% Gamay, which (in 2008) is light, with fresh acidity and very pretty; an 80/20% Gamay/Pinot blend which is raised in tank and a little more refined; then there is the obligatory prestige cuvee, aged in barrel, which is the least successful of all.  

Michel et David Pélissier
Rue de Dauzat
T/F: + 33 4 73 96 43 45
P: + 33 6 80 51 13 69 (David)


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