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Domaine de Lachaux
Thierry Sciortino is a squat man in his 30s, with a quizzical look of bemusement in his eyes. He was born in nearby Vic-le-Comte and was an electrician and tractor driver before turning his hand to wine in 1999. He started with 0.4 hectares, but has since built his domaine up to 5 hectares, split between the communes of Saint-Maurice, La Roche-Blanche, Lachaux (from where the domaine takes its name), Plauzet, Le Crest and Corent. He owns the majority of his vines, although does rent half a hectare in Corent from Henri Bourcheix.

The cellar is a purpose built shed which he erected in 2002, opposite the traditional Auvergne barn he had just finished renovating; the cave below the house providing an ideal venue for his tasting room and holding his bottled stock. From here, there are fine views towards the puy-de-Corent and northwards along the Limagne plain.

He makes a pale Corent rosé, produced by direct pressure and without malolactic fermentation, which (in 2008) is delicate but serious; a single white from Chardonnay planted on the slopes of Corent; and two reds: the first an 80/20 Gamay/Pinot Noir blend (the 2005 vintage was excellent) and a (less successful) Pinot Noir raised in oak.

Thierry Sciortino
Domaine de Lachaux
T: + 33 6 64 18 48 84
F: + 33 4 73 69 08 06
P: + 33 6 64 18 48 84


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