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Vignoble des Blondins
This is the venture between the Troisgros and Sérol families and dates back to 1992 when Pierre Troisgros was convinced by Robert Sérol to invest in ‘Blondins’, a two hectare, south-facing lieu-dit. It is said that the sabot wearing Pierre, accompanied by Robert and witnessed by all the other growers, planted the first vine. It cemented a relationship that dates back to 1978 when Sérol sold his first bottle to the brothers Troisgros. The collaboration continues to the next generation through the friendship between Stéphane and Michel. Needless to say, the wine is served at this Mecca of gastronomic pleasure.

In addition to ‘Blondins’ the Sérols have supplied Maison Troisgros with their own selected cuvee since 1986.

Robert and Stéphane Sérol & Fils
Les Estinaudes
T: + 33 4 77 64 44 04
F: + 33 4 77 62 10 87

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