Christian and Sylvie Plessis-Termeau, Moulin de Chauvigné (1992)

This husband and wife team created their domaine, based around an old windmill on the hillside just above Rochefort-sur-Loire in the early 1990s. Christian, who tends the vines is an Angevin, whilst Sylvie, is a native of Tours. The two met in their college years whilst working numerous stages along the Loire. With the moulin came five hectares of existing vineyards of Coteaux du Layon and Anjou; however an opportunity arose to purchase an old vineyard, ‘Le Clos Brocard’, close to Le Croix Picot in 1992. They have since added two other parcels, ‘Petit Beaupréau’ in 2000 and ‘Bois Roc Rive’ in Epiré in 2002. They now have a combined holding of five hectares in Savennières. In terms of yields, they work towards the permitted limit of the appellation of 50h/ha.

Wine Overview:  
‘Le Clos Brocard’ has existed as a stand alone wine since the first harvest in 1992, and a second, generic Savennières was introduced in 1994. Both cuvées are vinified in tank; there is no wood at all in the cellar. Sylvie also offers her Savennières en vrac to private customers prior to bottling the balance in April. The malolactic fermentation is generally avoided.

The Wines:  
For those who want to explore the more traditional, unoaked style of Savennières, then these wines offer a good introduction. They are clean and fresh but also quite distinctive with all the wines appearing to have a characteristic clove-like flavour profile.  

2009 Clos Brochard
Light, clean and estery, retaining a primary nose and palate. Pithy finish and decent acid balance but otherwise simple and non-descript. Authentic but lightweight. (02/11)

2008 Clos Brochard
Very clean and primary nose. Mineral and pure. Good Chenin expression to the palate, although lacks the character one would like to see from Savennières. Well balanced, early drinking style and not for the long haul. This could be a well made Anjou Blanc and there is little to distinguish the wine from any other well made Chenin from a more modest appellation. (02/10)

2006 Savennières  
Pale straw appearance. Tight and mineral nose with a distinct aroma of cloves. The palate is taut and chalky textured. Quite simple, but builds well. Mid weight and approachable now, although should age a few more years. (02/08)

2006 Clos Brochard  
Bright. Mid-depth straw/yellow appearance. Richer, riper and more concentrated and intense, but retains a characteristic nose of cloves. Dry and austere on entry; this is a true and traditional expression of Savennières. Builds well on the palate. Textured with linear acidity through to the finish. Powerful for a wine raised in tank. Chalky, with good length. Approachable, but shows potential to age. Nervous and serious. (02/08)

2005 Clos Brochard  
Pale straw appearance. Quite open with an intense nose of cloves. Clean and fresh on entry, but a touch hollow on the mid palate. Good linear acidity to the finish. Still pretty closed and ideally needs more time in bottle. This shows promise. (02/08)

2004 Clos Brochard  
Pale straw appearance. This is quite forward, even advanced on the nose. Well balanced with good palate weight but there are more signs of premature ageing. A bit simple and one dimensional. Simple and slightly phenolic finish. Drink now. (02/08)

Sylvie & Christian Plessis-Termeau  
Moulin de Chauvigné  
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