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Domaine Cordaillat
The Cordaillat’s are long established cereal farmers who turned their attention to viticulture in 1995 when Michel and Chantel established their first 1.4 hectares of vines. They now work a total of seven hectares and are also in the process of planting Pinot Noir in Preuilly. Whilst their arable crops are all certified organic, the couple believe that applying the same principles to their vines would be too difficult and risky.

The existing vineyards are split over four parcels in Chéry and Reuilly with Sauvignon providing the largest part of their production (they have 4.5ha planted). The wines are all vinified at the Chai de Reuilly where they produce three separate examples of white, including ‘Les Sables’ from the parcel of the same name in Chéry and, from 2007, a couple of barrels of oak aged wine. There are two reds (although the oak aged example starts life as the same wine in tank) and they have been making Pinot Gris since 1999.

Tasted at the cellar in June 2009, the generic Sauvignon was very good, although ‘Les Sables’ justified its appearance as a single bottling. The 2007 oak aged white was atypical and distinctly fume in style but was an interesting departure. The Pinot Gris, which comes from the same sandy plateau in Chéry was well balanced and floral, whilst the 2009 suffered a little from its tannic grip. The 2007 oak aged red was supple and not overwhelmed by the oak. Overall, these are good wines and worth seeking out.

Domaine Cordaillat
Michel et Chantel Cordaillat
Le Montet
T: + 33 2 48 52 83 48
F: + 33 2 48 52 83 09


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