Guide to the Loire regions



Église de Reuilly
The 11th Century church dominates the main square within the town. Constructed from the local stone, it’s a good example of primitive Romanesque architecture. Inside, stairs lead down into the crypt, which is thought to predate the main edifice by two centuries. The church is dedicated to Saint Denis (also called Dionysius, Dennis, or Denys) who was the Bishop of Paris  in the third century. After having his head chopped off Denis is said to have picked it up and walked six miles preaching a sermon the entire way. He was martyred sometime around the year 250.

Musée de la Vigne et du Vin
Set in a modest town house opposite the tourist office, the museum is packed with small tokens of the history of the appellation. The most interesting is a selection of wine bottles that pre-date the appellation and stand testament to some of the producers whose names have since vanished. The museum is administered by the the Office de Tourisme and it is well worth dedicating some time here.

Rue Rabelais
T: + 33 2 54 49 24 94
F: + 33 2 54 49 39 26 

Château de la Ferté
This lovely privately owned moated château can be viewed from the road that leads east from the hamlet of the same name. The current edifice sits on the site of a more ancient building and dates back to 1656 when it was commissioned by Jacques de la Fond, secretary to Louis XIV, and took four years to complete. The property is now in the possession of Comte de la Villeboinest, who rents some of his 200 hectares of land to several winegrowers in La Ferté.

Tourist Information Offices:

Office de Tourisme de Reuilly
5 Rue Rabelais
T: + 33 2 54 49 24 94
F: + 33 2 54 49 39 26

Office de Tourisme de Bourges
21 rue Victor Hugo
T: + 33 2 48 23 02 60

Office de Tourisme Vierzon
11, rue de la Société Française
T: + 33 2 48 52 85 31


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