Guide to the Loire regions

Côte Roannaise

Grower Profiles
There are around 50 vignerons who grow grapes commercially and bottle their own production, and approximetely 30 who are considered exploitations spécialisées, essentially making wine for domestic consumption. The vast majority of producers make their wines within the communes specified by the appellation, although some make their wine in villages away from the coteaux.

The list of growers is presented by commune, as one traverses the côte from north to south. At the end there is a section of ‘other growers’, ones that were considered too marginal to be of wider interest, or in a couple of cases, who were not interested in opening their cellar doors to accommodate my visit. I am certain though that all the important names are covered and no one has slipped through the 0.4 micron filter…..

List of Growers:


Saint-Haon-le-Vieux and Saint-Haon-le-Châtel





Saint-Jean Saint-Maurice


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